Under the slogan ’Turkish delight‘, the 19th edition of the Who’s Next tradeshow took place at the Porte de Versailles from the 4th till the 7th of July. In collaboration with IHKIB (The Istanbul Ready-Made-Garment Exporters Association) the event, including its outdoor space design and dedicated exhibits put a spotlight on Turkish creativity. “Our aim is to show the amazing dynamism of the Turkish market”, explains Zephyrine Geneste from Who’s next.

According to the tradeshow’s organizers, the number of visitors from Turkey has multiplied by four and the number of Turkish exhibitors by seven. Out of 2,000 ready-to-wear and accessory brands and designers, 50 represented Turkey.
The first day of Who’s next started very relaxed. The halls were not overcrowded, in fact, some of the exhibitors were hoping for a higher customer flow but the majority was aware that it was the first day and hoped for a much stronger frequency on the weekend. The Fame area presented a lot of new, international young labels from Korea, Spain, France, and Belgium like Roka, Passé Composé, Was, G. Kero and Friday. The tradeshow is already known for its strong focus on womenswear, but this edition clearly focused on ready to wear for women. “There are a lot of interesting labels, but in relation with menswear, you really have to look carefully to find something”, said Sebastian Lamot from the German denim label Lila Braun.
Since the edition in January 2014, the Mr&Mrs Brown area, with a stronger focus on urban- and menswear, was dissolved and integrated in the ready-to-wear and accessories halls.
The trendforum was integrated in the ready-to-wear hall 3 and presented 11 trends chosen from the trend office Martine Leherpeur Conseil:
  • Metallica: piercings, rings, charms
  • The bum-bag: the all-round pouch, tool box or vanity case
  • Joggers:  inspired by the jogging style of the 90s
  • Plastic: transparent nylon looks
  • Coral colors: pink, orange, rose,
  • Braided structures on clothing
  • Matching partner looks
  • Transparent
  • White
  • The trench coat in all variations
It was not easy to pick out outstanding trends at Who’s next, because the selection of labels was so broad and diverse that one could name at least 20 different trends. Still, a lot of the collections were sportswear inspired. Mesh and neoprene were some of the fabrics used for tops and bottoms. Also influences from basketball are still strong. Number shirts and sweaters as well as basketball shorts are still on the run. White is THE (non)color for the summer season 2015. In contrast to a palette of whites and greys, flashy African inspired colorful patterns could be spotted in a lot of collections. If you are still looking for some new emerging brands for your assortment, we would highly recommend to take a closer look at our Top 3 Labels to watch:
  • French t-shirt and shirt brand (unisex) G.Kero, the siblings Philippe and Marguerite Bartherotte founded the brand in 2011. The funny watercolor paintings are made to fall in love with.
  • Passé Composé, 27 year old Maud Lejeune studied in Barcelona and started her label in 2011. Feminine French look with a strong street- and sportswear attitude.
  • Les Expatries–forget about menswear and womenswear. Les Expatries presents every look for both - just with a different silhouette. Very cool!