Seek had a calm start on Tuesday, followed by a busy Wednesday then a quieter Thursday. “The Frequency in the morning and in the evening was not that strong, however the afternoon on every day was very crowded. The atmosphere is good and everyone is in good spirits,” said one exhibitor. “We are happy to be at Seek. Despite the hard season, our customers were not negative at all,” says Lautaro Aravena Zuluaga from Cheap Monday.

The impression from many exhibitors and visitors is that Seek is a relaxed and familiar fair. “The fair is very nice and cool,” said a visitor from the UK. Matthew Forster, Premium Sales Manager UK at Dr. Martens, had another opinion: “Compared with the show in January, the frequency is not that good, because buyers just finished a really hard season. This is also why they don’t want to take risks, and is why they are interested in accessible shoes that have an edge, but that are easy to understand.” At Cheap Monday customers were asking for “special things”. Most of the customers came from Germany, Netherlands, UK and Scandinavian countries.