Panorama fair ended successfully on Thursday afternoon. More visitors than expected came to the fairground at Berlin ExpoCenter Airport where approximately 400 exhibitors showed their new collections for Autumn/Winter 2014/15. Following a great start on Tuesday, Wednesday was the busiest day. Thursday was also very busy. At the end of Panorama, CEO Jörg Wichmann was more than happy: “Our expectations are more than fulfilled. On the second day we had about 1000 new registrations.”

All important retailers and department stores were seen on the fairground. The exhibitors were busy from 9 - 6, the speeches were serious and fashion was on focus. “Retailers in a very good mood. Nobody is moaning, the open-mindedness for fashion is excellent,” explained André Cramer, Mac Jeans, which is also the opinion of other brands. Exhibitors and visitors preferred the concept of the fair, the new markings and the clear segmentation of the halls in Young Urban Universe, Best Of Contemporary Fashion and Casual Creativity.

There were big compliments for the perfectly organised fair concept. A negative topic was the chaotic service at the wardrobe on the first day. But on the second day everything was professional and organised. Hall C with casual and jeans brands was a magnet all three days long. “The fair is very nice - we have seen all the important retailers,” said Mike Sitte of Garcia Jeans. All speeches at the stands were intense, concentrated and focussed on fashion, concepts, delivery terms, never out of stock and order appointments in the showrooms. Barbara Lorenz, Broadway: “We have never had so many visitors, our impression is positive. We love the working atmosphere. Despite the bad winter season and a modest business year 2013, retailers started the year in Berlin in a good order mood. Instead of complaining, buyers were looking for new topics and collections.
Some entertainment such as a Bavarian brass brand at the Timezone booth and a casting and photo-shoot including make-up and hair styling at Madonna created a good atmosphere.

impression of the Panorama grounds
impression of the Panorama grounds

Fashion-wise, next winter will be dark and clean. Denim is on demand. Dark washes, grey shades and lovely details, the retailers are hungry for fashion and new denim styles. Destroyed denim with holes for short delivery, clean boyfriend styles, dark denim, material mix, rocking but sexy styles for girls and moderate camouflage are on demand. Retailers are looking for urban casual styles.
Franco Schaffhauser of Buena Vista, launched two years ago and has exhibited at Panorama every year since: “It is a fantastic fair, we already have all the important fashion retailers on our list”. Their treated denim styles for men and women are available for short delivery.
Also the shoe brands were happy with the fair. With the new hall structure and the market ways we had more visitors, said Gerd Kayser, Dkode.
The fair was much better than last time. Especially fashion retailers were looking for unusual nice shoe styles and many shoe retailers came to see the fashion world with shoes and clothing. Rainer Fokkens, Goodiez, is a real fan of Panorama: “We have seen all important retailers like Garhammer, P&C, Leineweber, Werdich or Heinrich.” Finally, Panorama is the home base for the casual segment and exhibitors are curious for the next summer edition.

Despite a rumour that the fair will eventually move from the fairground into the city, the management haven’t confirmed the rumour.