With the usual one-day deferral, Bright opened its doors on Wednesday, once again, in a different location. And it was a good one.

The open architecture of the former department store “Kaufhaus Jahndorf” forms a positive and light showcasing space for Bright’s street wear exhibitors. Compared to the former more nested Bright locations, visitors don’t need to fear of missing out on a brand in Kaufhaus Jahndorf as all the booths on and around the house’s great atrium are very accessible and visible.

Puma showed sneakers
Puma showed sneakers
After a quick stroll through the gangways it was obvious that Bright has fashioned up. Apparel and footwear dominated the offer with nearly no skate hardware to find. According to trade show founder Thomas Martini, this is both a desired direction as well as a natural development of the show as the core skate brand were generally less keen to showcase and many new street wear brands were moving up – especially from the UK.

On both opening days, the floors were well packed, the visitors trendy and international and the mood was positive and almost party-ish.

The first day records showed about 30% more visitors than at the last winter edition, which equals around the same visitor number as at the last summer edition. Half of the visitors were international and, preferring the new exhibitor structure, many came from a more fashion and skateboarding background.

Duki Cvetkovic of cap brand Cayler & Sons commented: “We made a lot of good contacts and met potential clients so far, some also being interested not only in buying but also in distributing our brand. People came from all over the world, like Chile, Portugal, Spain…but rather little Asians came by. For us, Bright is the perfect platform to exhibit.”
Christian Wander of O’Neill joined in: “We’re exhibiting at Bright for the third time now and the mood is really good. Our collection has become better and better and we feel that visitors really appreciate that.”

Apparel at Burton
Apparel at Burton
Fashion-wise, prints are still important and even after several seasons, caps and sneakers play a vital role in street wear. Burton shows a widened and much more fashionable apparel collection, a highlight named by many is the Wemoto booth.

For the upcoming season, Bright’s new super central grounds in Berlin Mitte are already confirmed. Said Thomas Martini: “The owners of the building have stopped by and they have been delighted with the new usage. In summer, we want to extend the exhibitions space to the second floor.”

But before that, we wish all Bright participators a good last trade show day – may the positive mood continue!