Highly curated and purposely small and intimate, the Man show returned to New York for the fifth time this week from Tuesday to Thursday with an assortment of 38 brands from Europe, the US and Japan.

As always, the exhibitor assortment and the list of visitors at Man were more about quality than quantity. Unlike other shows that featured loud music and crowded aisles, Man was never packed but instead saw a steady stream of buyers visiting from top-notch stores during its run. New brand Portuguese Flannel, a collection of flannel shirts produced in a town near Porto, reported excellent results and said that it had signed 40 accounts over the three days at the show, including stores such as Fred Segal.

Also new was the New York-based menswear line DDugoff, created by Daniel DuGoff, a veteran of Marc Jacobs’ men’s collection who has a degree in architecture. It includes jeans-style sweatpants and T-shirts with large circular prints.

In the next booth over, British designer John Park unveiled his first ready-to-wear collection to US buyers for his brand Natural Selection, which up until now has been a denim brand. With its clean lines and dark colors, the new collection is inspired by architecture.

French T-shirt brand Maison Labiche also made its Man NY debut after showing at Man Paris for the past few seasons. Owner Jean-Baptiste Richard said it was challenging because no one was familiar with the brand in New York but said he was glad to be there anyway. Maison Labiche’s theme for the fall season was “Paris Meets Nepal.”

Other standout brands included the minimalist luxury New York-based underwear line Special Delivery, the Wait apparel collection from France that is produced by the same people as Waiting for the Sun and Bois eyewear, German suspender brand For Holding Up The Trousers, Japanese canvas bag brand Southern Field Industries, Swedish brand Our Legacy and Munich-based A Kind of Guise.

Man also debuted a new show-produced printed magazine at this edition. It features photo shoots and interviews with friends and associates of the show.

Man co-founder Antoine Floch said he was pleased with the assortment and turnout this season and announced that Man will be launching a Tokyo edition in July.

Man New York’s sister show, Woman New York, will run February 22-24 at the same location, 775 Washington Street.