Most exhibitors seemed pleased at the Capsule NY trades show, which ended its two-day run at the Basketball City complex in lower Manhattan yesterday. Although some admitted that the snow and cold probably depleted buyer attendance a bit compared to previous editions, exhibitors such as Brandon Svarc of Naked & Famous Denim said that his New York accounts did come to the show and knew that they had to because his Montreal-based brand does not operate a showroom.

Capsule featured approximately 200 brands, including outdoor-themed ones such as Heimplanet, Patagonia and Rambler’s Way in the Above Tree Line section and numerous men’s grooming ones such as CB I Hate Perfume and Imperial Barber Products in the new Sundries section. The rest of the show, as usual, was devoted to high-end independent and designer apparel and accessories. Denim brands on hand included Naked & Famous, which featured a reflective jean and an extra heavy 32-oz. denim jean, cult brand Baldwin and Neighborhood, an amazingly cool looking Japanese brand that was making its US market debut.
Likewise, the Russian outerwear brand Grunge John Orchestra Explosion also made a strong US premiere with a collection of extra-heavy colorful coats that will retail between $1,500 and $2,000 each.

Fall 2014 fashion trends at Capule included dark prints (Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen, Kye), colorful, whimsical prints (Naked & Famous, Kit Neal) and material mixes (Shades of Grey, Timo Weiland).
The next edition of Capsule takes place in Las Vegas February 17-19.