The premium contemporary showcase Capsule kicked off the women’s
 spring 2014 showcase on Sunday in New York City, with a strong 
representation of chemise dresses, botanical prints, tie-dye, railroad
stripes, high-low tank tops, eyelet/lattice and textured fabrics with a
 fall-like quality, echoing the runway collections in Europe this past

One exciting addition to the show was Etsy Wholesale, creating a
 one-stop shopping experience for buyers in search of rare, crafted
 objects in addition to apparel. The partnership suggests a more modern 
trade show concept designed to meet the needs of harried buyers and
 young brands in search of maximum exposure.

To this end, Capsule hosted plenty of fine jewelry collections and 
even advanced contemporary brands such as Organic by John Patrick,
 Timo Weiland, Whit and Emerson showing at the New York Fashion Week
 level. Retailers chasing the biking-lifestyle trend were able to lay
 their hands on Giro’s hotly anticipated new fashion collection while 
local brand Freedom of Animals impressed with its minimalist, structured vegan bag offerings. Equally notable were the brands Stripe
by N, Confezioni Crosby and Saunde–all intriguing for their fabrics 
and foreign sensibility yet surprisingly based out of New York City.