On July 2 and 3 the upper streetwear trade fair Capsule will return to the Berlin Postbahnhof. Among the 100 there are not only tried and true Capsule exhibitors such as Mark McNairy, Naked & Famous Denim or Norse Projects but also new entrants Gitman Vintage, Lacoste Essential Design (L.E.D), Saint Paul, and Maharishi.

For the first time in Berlin, the trade show is showcasing Donut Shop, a section of products not related to fashion, already successfully established at the New York Capsule. Art and interior decoration objects, magazines, fragrances and more are being offered by Berlin labels (including Do You Read Me, Paper & Tea, and Laundry Detergent Projekt) for buyers to order or as a take-home present. “Today retailers are constantly searching for inspiring supplementary products which augment a range of fashion articles,” explains Capsule co-founder Edina Sultanik Silver. Also the Collect Showroom will once again held as a “show in show” and present the latest collections of 20 selected young designers in context of Capsule.

There will be no change to the trade fair’s no-nonsense image sans marketing campaigns: “We prefer to concentrate on the product,” says Silver.