The Belgian family business Scabal has announced plans to open a flagship store in October at Boulevard de Waterloo 32, Brussels. The 300 sqm space was formerly the studio of a tailor named De Vlaminck, who retired his shop under the condition that the company take on all of his former employees and continue the tradition of the master tailor.
German architecture agency Blocher Blocher Partner’s redesigned the interior using white, dark grey and cognac browns in order to create the atmosphere of an English gentleman’s club. The brand is considered among the leading manufacturers of high quality fabrics for men’s fashion. They offer complete outfits, separate garments and accessories.
“The range of items at Scabal has become so all-encompassing, that we decided it was a good time to start selling our products through our own point of sale,” explained Gregor Thissen, Scabel’s CEO. He also mentioned plans to open further stores in the near future.