According to an annual survey by Global Language Monitor (GLM), New York is once again declared the world's top fashion city, hammering Paris to the lead after it took over earlier this decade.

GLM ( a recognized company that tracks words and phrases used throughout the media and online to compile a list of the most influential cities in fashion. This time around New York took the top spot ahead of Rome, followed by Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo. Los Angeles was in seventh place while Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Singapore make up the top 10.

The company puts the listing order down to the changing nature of the fashion industry for enabling former fashion underdogs to emerge as "significant regional hubs". Cities previously unrecognized are now included, as are many in developing countries.

The list from 11 to 25 includes Berlin, Sydney, Barcelona, Shanghai, Melbourne, Moscow, Bangkok, Mumbai, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Dubai and Krakow.