Order platform Supreme by Munichfashion.company, which will be held for the second time in Düsseldorf from Feb. 4-9, is expanding. Amongst the 230 participating brands for the upcoming Supreme edition are Aeronautica Militaire, Luis Trenker, John Smedley, Gold Hawk, Juicy Couture Shoes, Michalsky, New York Industries. Supreme’s location is moving to the Sky office, a new building in Düsseldorf, at Kennedydamm/Bennigsen Platz, with about 4,000sqm on three floors. Verena Malta, project team Supreme: “Almost all collections which have exhibited before, will be on board again.” 115 collections were presented at the first edition of Supreme.

Simultaneously to Supreme, about 1,000 showrooms will be opened in Düsseldorf, and the new platform CPD Signatures will have its debut on the fair ground.