Maloja has found a stylish way to recycle old towels as beach hoodies. The German bike and lifestyle brand is offering consumers the opportunity to give towels that might be of sentimental value but are no longer pretty enough to use anymore a new lease on life. Old towels may be sent to Maloja directly, and Maloja retailers are also taking part in the recycling program. Customers provides the towel fabrics, and in just four to six weeks, they can pick up a new hoodie for €99 plus a handling fee. Maloja is well known for its creative concepts. Founded in 2004, it achieved quick success on its fresh and innovative designs in bikewear. Today, Maloja offers a complete performance collection for biking, running, skiing, snowboarding and Nordic skiing, as well as a full lifestyle collection. The brand is sold throughout Europe, Japan, Mexico and Nepal.

—Regina Henkel