Street art crops up not just on walls and pavements, but in unlikely exhibition halls in Milan. One such aptly quirky exhibition space is six-carriage train that is touring Italy with it’s show: “From Titian to street art: 500 years of Italian history” ( Stopping at 22 cities around the country, the exhibition carries the work of 130 Italian artists from across the centuries. Starting it’s tour in October in Rome, the train will arrive on 10 November in Milan at Porta Garibaldi.

Also running now, the “Decontamination” exhibition in the Nhow Hotel in Milan (, which is dedicated to street art and includes works from the likes of Lachapelle, Basquiat and other contemporary artists.

Until 4 January the hosts exhibition “Decontamination” dedicated to street art: it assembles Lachapelle, Basquiat and contemporary artists.