Stone Island and C.P. Company, the upmarket sportswear brands by SPW Sportswear Company, have opened two new stores: an exclusive Stone Island store in London and in one in Seoul hosting both Stone Island and C.P. Company. The openings reflect the company’s strategy, initiated at the end of 2007, to boost its presence by offering both brands separate stores and personalized concepts.

Showcasing the best of Stone Island and Stone Island denim over 50 sq. meters (538 sq. feet), Stone Island’s first UK standalone store in Covent Garden incorporates custom-made design with clean, contemporary and functional detail. Listed architectural elements are fused with modern high octane design that work in perfect synergy with the garments displayed.

Meanwhile, C.P. Company, in a three-floor building in Seoul’s Shinsa Dong new luxury shopping district, occupies a 250-sq.-meter (2,045-sq.-foot) space divided into two separate stores for C.P. Company (110 sq. meters/1,184 sq. feet ) and Stone Island (80 sq. meters/861 sq. feet). A large terrace on the third floor has been turned into a private lounge bar for clients of both stores, while the walls of the C.P. Company shop are covered with a marine multi-stratum design featuring Velcro in horizontal panels applied to Plexiglas. Every wall, therefore, becomes a support base for stowing an endless selection of merchandise in a number of different configurations, with shelves of different sizes, mirrors, graphic panels and lamps.

The Stone Island store is entirely developed on the ground floor and has been conceived in line with the brand’s philosophy—more as a design object than as a container of garments. The Store Corporate Identity project is called “Item/Unit” and has been invented, designed and engineered by Marc Bhure, owner of the German design company Zeichenweg TM. The idea behind the design is based on maximum versatility.