The head of Swedish urban wear show Boutique Fräsh has announced the launch of so-called The Captains Villa this summer. The new showroom that will be held August, 14-16 at Villa Ludvigsberg, is announced to target premium casual brands, directional independent designers and high-end contemporary labels, who will share a showroom space and offer Swedish buyers a chance to view the current season’s ranges under the same roof.

The showroom is located in the same area of “Little Germany” at Södermalm, close to Münchenbryggeriet and the Boutique Fräsh Show.

“With The Captains Villa we will fill a blind spot in modern, urban fashion with great content. I’m sure it will satisfy buyers for a long time to come”, says Jonas Wiehager, head of The Captains Villa and the Boutique Fräsh Show.