The 15th edition of SPINEXPO – Shanghai will take place at the Pudong Expo Centre next week from Mar. 9-11, where 140 spinners and textile fiber promoters from 16 countries will showcase their S/S 11 collections.

The presentation will include an extended range of fibers, linear knitting yarns, and circular knitting yarns appropriate for underwear, active wear for daily use and soft sports, as well as yarn for garment weaving, soft furnishings, embroidery, and lace.

This edition, SPINEXPO has decided to give a voice to a younger generation in search of products more suited to day-to-day life in the 21st century. Subsequently, the Trends Forum will return, with the addition of innovative ideas from a new wave of young stylists.

Overall, visitors can expect the S/S 11 season to reflect a change of direction. Light, clarity and crispness will be reflected in yarns as well as color as manufacturers move away from cautious basics and seek out more surface interest; yarns may be perfectly smooth and polished to rough and textured, as long as they are interesting or special.

The trend for a clean, fresh start and blank canvas will be highlighted namely by the concept of white as a common denominator for four trend families.

Other highlights from the show will include AKSA from Turkey, the world leader in the production of acrylic fibers, which is taking its PillouT technology to a new dimension with its Micro PillouT. The no-pilling properties of 0.9 dtec ensure that Micro PillouT meets expectations with its light, fine, fragile and perfect appearance.

Santoni will unveil for the first time its new complete rib border seamless knitwear. Santoni’s new circular weft machines have the ability to produce circular seamless knitwear in higher, finer gauges, where its superb uniformity of stitch formation and high productivity make it both attractive and accessible.

Hope Power Int’l, a knitter with over 30 years of experience from Hong Kong, will offer customers a one-stop service ranging from product design and material sourcing to final production. With impressive client names such as Michael Kors, Episode, Esprit, Calvin Klein, Cerruti 1881, Nicole Farhi, Eros and John Varvatos, the company has a diversified knitwear product line ranging from 1.5 to 18 gauges, and from flatbed and circular to hand-knit products.

Other notable knit specialists include Shanghai Pipigou Woollen Textile, Shanghai MagicKnit Factory, Honor Industry, NingBo Jinglian Woollen Knitting, Shijiazhuang Shan Yuan Cashmere Garments, Zhejiang Springair Textile Group, Hebei Zhonglian Cashmere Woollen and Zhongqi Company.

The second edition of SPINEXPO New York will be held Jul. 19-21, while SPINEXPO’s next edition in Shanghai will take place Sept. 7-9, 2010.

—Tim Yap