Australia Wool Innovation will offer a special showcase of its new Merino Casual and Merino Touch collections at SpinExpo New York and Shanghai.

The Merino Casual collection includes knits and wovens with distinctive textures and finishes. Using a range of dyeing and finishing techniques, combined with the effects of new wool treatment processes, Merino Casual takes advantage of the versatility of Merino wool-yielding garments; this year, the collection includes items made with “Merino Vintage” yarns in muted and heathered colors designed to produce rustic yet soft knits straight from the cone. New coloration techniques including coating, printing and injection systems to facilitate innovative urban designs. “Color 3-D Merino” combines color printing with felted texure effects in pure Merino and value blends such as wool and polyamide.

“Today's consumers are seeking garments that are versatile, that can be worn in different situations and environments, and that ultimately save consumers‟ time, effort and money,” said Jimmy Jackson, AWI general manager of product development and commercialization. “To enable wool to take advantage of this global trend towards a more informal style of dressing, AWI has worked closely with the manufacturing industry to develop new processes which give the Merino Casual collection a range of unique effects on wool.”

Meanwhile, the Merino Touch collection comprises knitted apparel sourced from spinners and knitters who use super-soft mercerized Merino yarns and fabrics. “The commercial garments that will be on display at SpinExpo demonstrate that knitters can produce classic garments that look and feel luxurious, yet be reasonably priced. Retailers will be able to offer new ranges with the drape and fluidity of silk and the touch and sheen of cashmere, but with the performance and price point of Merino wool,” said Jackson.

AWI will host a Woolmark Knitwear Innovations Seminar at SpinExpo New York’s edition, currently underway at the Metropolitan Pavilion and Altman Building in Chelsea, tomorrow at 11 am.