Following in the footsteps of other celebrity-fashion collaborations, rapper icon Snoop Dogg has partnered with Pony International to launch a footwear collection called “The One and Only” Snoop Dogg collection by Pony International. Fusing Pony’s timeless style with Snoop Dogg’s unique west coast inspired style, the new collection will be available this November for distribution to a select and limited number of stores around the world.

“I’m excited to be a partner in bringing the brand back and adding a little Snoop Dogg flavor, so get ready for ‘The One and Only’,” said Snoop about the joint venture. “I wore Pony’s back in the day paying football and always liked their style…Pony is old school and I’m an old soul,” he added.

Advertising and marketing for “The One and Only” is being designed by Snoop Dogg, Pony and The Firm and has not yet been released.

Pony International is owned by California-based Global Brand Marketing Inc., a footwear licensee for Diesel, XOXO, Nautica and Mecca, and designer, developer and marketer of trendy footwear for men, women and children.