From Oct. 28 to Nov. 1, Skateboard Museum Stuttgart and FauxAmi Exhibitions showed “THE ART OF THE SKATEBOARDING!” at the BLOOOM Art Show in Cologne, Germany. Featured artists were Andy Howell, Jeremy Fish, Todd Bratrud, Stefan Marx, Flying Fortress, Schulze and J. Blümlein.

Blooom is the first interdisciplinary art fair worldwide. Everyone whose creativity can’t be put into one particular genre can participate. International participants presented their designs in various disciplines such as urban art, screen and lighting design, fashion and music.

FauxAmi Exhibitions was founded in 2002 as an artist association organizing and curating various art shows. After a temporary exhibition called SKATEBOARDFEVER, covering the whole culture and history of skateboarding, the exhibition turned into the permanent Skateboard Museum which is the first and only one of its kind in Europe. FauxAmi is writing several columns for skateboard magazines, developing iPhone/iPad applications, creating special exhibitions for tradeshows, next to heritage marketing and research for skateboard brands.