During BBB, Sixty has just launched ‘Labirinto di Emozioni’ (Labyrinth of Emotions), a highly emotional creative path devised by Wicky Hassan and realized thanks to his team of designers, architects, and product and visual experts from the Sixty Group Product and Store Design divisions, as well as to expert finishing company Wash Italia.

The new project was created in order to present 22 unique concept items for Miss Sixty and Energie. The inspiration came from Hassan's own creative vision and passion for art. The one-of-a-kind pieces presented are characterized by hyped elements that have always personified both collections. They are all made out of denim, then washed, over-dyed and treated with striking colors, strong-impact metallic coatings and applications of clashing material mixes like sustainable fur, crystals, and silver plate for Miss Sixty or wools, herringbone, pinstripes, pied-de-poule and leather mixes for Energie. True to form, fits have been reinvented for strong fashion-meets-art statements. The initiative's future aims include reproducing some of these items to eventually be sold at selected stores, though the company has not yet confirmed this.

"An overall idea of 'unfinished' pervades the whole project, exalting the 'poetry of a missing entity', of 'a never-ending dream,' " commented the team of designers and creatives involved in the project. "Wicky Hassan's personality and his never ending enthusiasm has, as usual, always contaminated us, pushing us to complete his vision and his project the way he imagined it. It is a truly deep and different project that he wanted to show and stimulate us into reaching."

Hassan used to say “Everything is possible,” referring to art, fashion and work. He personally conceived and worked on this project; the team has brought it to life and with it laid a path for the company to take into future.