Italy’s Sixty Group has signed two shoes and accessories deals for its American and Indian businesses.

Aldo Group, the leading international shoes and accessories company based in Montreal, has been chosen as a partner to develop the distribution network in the United States. Specifically, the company will take over management of Sixty group’s retail operations aimed at developing the distribution network according to customers’ new requirements. In so doing, the partnership will allow Sixty Group to reach new targets through a more accurate management of its direct sales points. The Sixty USA distribution network currently operates in seven states, with a total of 20 sales points.

For the Indian market, Gruppo Sixty has signed a partnership with Gupta H.C. Overseas, a reference point in India for its luxury shoes and accessories distribution license. The new agreement will result in the opening of a dozen Miss Sixty Store Accessory stores; new wholesale distribution networks for Miss Sixty shoes and bags collections are also expected over the next five years in India’s main cities.

The first Miss Sixty Accessory boutique will open in Delhi on Oct. 7 inside the famous DFL Saket shopping center, a showcase of the most famous internationally renowned luxury brands. With its 80-sq.-meter space, the store will feature a strong mix of vintage elements and unique details interpreting the philosophy and aesthetics of the Miss Sixty brand.

“We are very proud of both these agreements,” says Renato Rossi, co-founder and CEO of the Sixty Group. “We share with Aldo and Gupta H.C. Overseas the same values and will to operate in a unique and contemporary way. Together, we want to give our clients a high-level of service, combining the strength of the people who work at Sixty and of our products with the great professionalism and structured approach of these two leaders in the distribution market.”

—Maria Cristina Pavarini