Sixty Group has acquired the Italian fashion brand Roberta di Camerino ( from its owner Giuliana Coen.

“It is an historical brand, one of the few able to compete with French couturiers,” commented Wicky Hassan, co-owner of the group known for brands such as Energie, Miss Sixty and Killah, as well as for sailwear Murphy & Nye and for the sportswear brands Refrigiwear, Barracuta and Richlu.

“Roberta di Camerino has inspired many designers and owns an extraordinary archive. In recent times, it was considered as a vintage, very cool and sophisticated brand. For this we want to safeguard it and make it become a collection that the younger generations will appreciate,” added Hassan.

Quality and respect of the tradition will be the focus of this re-launch, which will start focusing on bags, the core business of the brand. By end of June for SS09, sixty new bag models, including a new version of the famous Bagonghi style, will be presented to international buyers. The overall operation of the re-launch is incorporating a brand new team whose art director is Giorgia Scarpa -who has worked for Prada and Dior - and CEO Alessandro Varisco, who previously worked for Ferrè and Versace.

Photo: Wicky Hassan