SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL, the world’s leading B2B publication in young, casual and directional fashion, will strengthen its Northern European base in Frankfurt, Germany. By taking a larger office within DFV’s Publishing House, its parent company’s headquarters, most of the magazine’s executive staff will move from Milan, Italy in September 2009.

"Similar to Bread & butter we joined forces inside the strongest European marketplace", explains SI’s Editorial Director & Publisher, Klaus N. Hang, about the forthcoming shift to the very center of Germany. In addition to Hang, Editor-in-Chief Sabine Kuehnl, Marketing and Distribution Director Christine Zeine and Art Director Gian Luca Fracassi will enhance the existing editorial team and Advertising Director Pierre D’Aveta in Frankfurt and will guide the worldwide network from there.

The Milan office, however, will remain as an important subsidiary of the magazine, similar to the one on Broadway in New York. All matters concerning the Southern European area, especially those related to the very strong Italian marketplace, will continue to be handled out of Milan by SPORTSWEAR’s trusted team there.

"With the shifting of some of our staff and production we are looking at optimizing synergies editorially, but also in the production fields", explains Hang. "Already now we are producing the majority of our publications, the News editions and all SPORTSWEAR books in Germany."

To increase the impact and success of all SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL products worldwide, two new well respected experts will also join the Frankfurt-based team: Sonja Ragaller as Senior Fashion Editor and Wolfgang Lutterbach as Associate Publisher.