In context of our survey series SI Statistics, we have asked the industry about their opinion on Bread & Butters latest developments. Here’s the results – firstly in numbers and subsequently in a selection of personal statements.

After announcing to move to Barcelona for its January edition, Brad & Butter has now canceled these plans and will stay in Berlin – at least for the next three seasons.


60.60%: I welcome this decision. Bread & Butter belongs to Berlin.
25.50%: It’s a pitty, I would have liked a Barcelona edition of Bread & Butter.
7.28%: Barcelona is generally a good idea, but not yet for the January edition.
6.62%: I don’t have an opinion on this.

Results of the latest SI Statistics survey
Results of the latest SI Statistics survey

And now, some personal comments:

“To contribute to a more international focus of this trade fair, it would have been very good to have it spread over two trendy destinations in Europe, one in the North and one in the South.”
Christine Cool, Licensing Manager, Perfetti Van Melle Group

“I think this is profoundly unprofessional and embarrassing!”
Andreas Zimanyi, U-eins

“Well, as for me and for the media I represent, latest BBB was a complete nonsence. I thoght that Barcelona might give the tradeshow a little boost, which is definetely needed. As for the cancellation... Well, let's see, what will happen in January.”
Dmitry Egorov, K.E.D. Magazine

“Barcelona should be more like a "pop up show". In the middle of the season, 2 days, in April/October.”
Gabriel Brener, CEO/owner, Ay Not Dead

“Combining the three locations, Barcelona, Berlin and Seoul was a great move for the Bread & Butter tradeshow. It is a shame they have been under pressure to scrap their plans.”
Dawn C. L. Pedersen, Creative Director, Trendzine Fashion Information Media Network

“I was always wondering why he didn´t come up with idea of Barcelona/Winter Berlin/Summer earlier. I guess he changed his mind due to pressure by the organizers of other events and politics. It´s a shame and also very unfair towards Fira Barcelona who he had signed contracts with.”

“More important than the location is the concept of the fair. And the concept is not really clear!”
S. Goerlich, Creative Director, Asenauer’s GoGo

“It would be nice if BBB asked their customers beforehand of such important decisions. Then everything would be a bit easier for all participants.”
Holger Brodkorb, Ragwear

“I think all the shows (Seek, Premium, Bright, BBB) should be together in Tempelhof, this will make for a much better show with greater attendance.”
Jordan Eckersley, Red Alert Fashion Agency

“As a distributor in Canada my business was founded on travelling to Bread & Butter since 2002 and picking up new brands. In the last 3 years I have found the show to be irrelevant to those outside of Germany and I have stopped going and have missed 3 fairs. The Barcelona announcement was a welcomed change and I had mentally made a commitment to visit the fair as the change of venue seemed necessary. The obvious pressure from within the German market changed that. The question is: would I rather go to warmer Barcelona or a cold Berlin in January?? Definitely not a cold Berlin.“
Ken Georgopoulos, Director, Agency One

“Berlin in now a problem for retailers: too many shows at the same time, transport problem of getting from one show to the other. Barcelona is a lot easier.”
Alan Kinney, shop owner

“I believe the problem is not whether it will be on Barcelona, Berlin or both. The problem is the lack of consistency and direction for Bread and Butter as a whole.”
Michelle, IVN

“Berlin is a very good place. Is in the middle of Europe and everyone knows the city. After all of these years B&B is part of Berlin Fashion Week and I think that B&B should stay in Germany. Barcelona is a beautiful place for living and traveling, but putting one of the most important fashion trade shows to Barcelona is like putting YSL in little box called trash. B&B was in Barcelona before Berlin and everyone says that Berlin is better, more interesting. Bright, Seek, Premium etc. are in Berlin so B&B also should stay.”
Piotr Dziewulski, Editor-in-chief

“Müller would have done good in making use of synergies at the right time and going for a joined appearance with Bright or another show. Us retailers whish for one trade show place where we can see everything, collect information, compare…Berlin is this place! We surely wouldn’t have travelled to Barcelona, alone for cost reasons. I think every retailer has to cut costs right now.”
Pilotto Marco, Pilotto

“Yes, I welcome this decision from my buying perspective and from the business side of my company. However, I think it’s a pity, because this decision would have brought a much needed change for BBB as well as for the other Berlin fairs. Bread & Butter was and is still game-changing for the German trade shows. Especially the LOCK and Fire Department area are without comparison.”
Christopher Bartsch, Buyer, Conleys

“Germany needs a strong trade show.”
Bardia, Supreme Agency