Different than megabrands and established labels, showing in massive booths at Bread & Butter in Berlin last week, rather small, up-and-coming or cutting-edge international labels were the focus at Capsule’s Berlin-branch out and Seek. Both shows appear to mark an inspirational and trend-forward stop-by on the buyers schedule. “Eventhoug I write most of the orders in Copenhagen or Paris, Berlin means an important place to be. As for the fairs, i mainly visit the smaller and independent shows like Seek and Capsule“, Herbert Hoffmann, Creative Director and Buyer at Voo Store says. „Fairs like Premium and Bread&Butter are, of course, very important and well visited too. Shops with another focus than Voo definitely find a very good variety of labels and brands over there as well.“ Ronny Haberland , Store Owner of The Spot in Dresden also experiences good input at the two independent branch-outs: „To be honest, there wasn’t anything breath-taking within the last seasons to see in Berlin. In terms of fashion, i find other cities such as Copenhagen, Stockholm or Tokyo much more exciting. The fairs over there seem less mainstream but more appealing for the eye. Our overall result for the Bread & Butter fair is mainly being exhausted rather than inspired. That’s why we focus more on the smaller concepts such as Seek or Capsule!“


The international trade show for men’s-, womenswear and accessories, Capsule held its third Berlin edition on July 5th and 6th, moving from its former location at Münze in Mitte district to Postbahnhof in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The new venue hosted more than 75 brands, including Wood Wood, Topman, Won Hundred, Libertine-Libertine, Pointer Footwear, Clae or Wool and the Gang.

Also on hand from Montreal, Canadian denim brand Naked & Famous showed unique jeans items and their newest collection. “So far, we’ve done every Capsule Show in Berlin and the fair is getting even better and better every season. We really love the new venue as there is more space for new set ups and the brand’s identity. Even smaller, newer brands are able to get good traffic here, surrounded by a great brand portfolio. We are very happy with these days and got great visitors and a few new orders onsite”, Bahzad Trinos of Naked & Famous Denim reports. Also danish brand Wood Wood made it back to Capsule Berlin this season, presenting its collection, increased by 40%, including a new shoe and accessories line. “There were lots of customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also several international visitors from Italy or Denmark. We’ve met new clients and the quality of the traffic was very good for us”, Melissa Bech, Sales Manager Wood Wood says.

Amongst others, Swedish brand Dunderdon made its debut at Capsule this season, resulting in a optimistic mood: “We did Capsule for the first time and were very happy with the quality of the customers and the atmosphere of the fair”, so Stephan Chauchoy, CEO Northwest United distribution agency. “There are lots of like-minded brands around and a better visibility of the brands compared to other fairs where you get lost for lots of money. In Paris we get more international buyers as the Berlin Show targets rather the national visitors. That’s why we do both.”

In the end, exhibitors and visitors seemed pleased with the three-day-show’s overall mood and traffic. Also, Capsule again, featured Berlin’s Collect Showroom, that keeps attracting additional clients to fair-jump and stop by. Collect Showroom, for the 2nd time, took place as show-in-show within Capsule, presenting well selected contemporary brands, including finds such as Julian Zigerli or Sissi Götze,

young and trendy collections at Capsule
young and trendy collections at Capsule


Just a few blocks down of Premium fair at Gleisdreieck, Seek, from July 4th to 6th, presented a well selected mix of young, progressive and authentic labels away from the mainstream, which ranged from somewhat well-known ones to newer finds. The overall vibe of Seek, that for the 2nd time took place at the three storey-Kühlhaus-building, was relaxed and welcoming, a café taking up the middle of the show floor on the ground floor of the building.

Daniel Sandqvist of same-named Swedish label reported, that Seek had been a success for his brand, which offered its newest range of bags and accessories within the fair: “We’ve been with Seek many seasons before and again, have a great spot at a great location. The Brandmix within Seek is quite inspiring and the quality of the fair very well. It is about being yourself as a brand in this show with an very personal set up, rather than standardized booths you have elsewhere.”

Amongst others, the premiere of Passarella Death Squad x Boxfresh SS 2013 luxury collaboration marked one of the newer finds at the fair, presenting its special cooperation for the first time. “This is our first collection, initially planned for three seasons. We keep the distribution separate from the main lines of the brands and want to keep it quite exclusive by hand-picking just 10-15 premium accounts”, Sam Whitlock, Sales Manager says.

Also on hand, as last season, was Swedish underwear brand The White Briefs, which offers streamlined, clean basic styles in solid shades.