Blue Zone, the textile fair held in Munich from September 6-7, 2011, within Munich Fabric Start, closed its doors yesterday with positive results. According to exhibitors and visitors, the show was generally visited by indicatively the same number of people, even if the first day was very quiet, while the second day was pretty busy. The working atmosphere was positive, though the mood of insiders participating was not euphoric at all considering the international financial situation and a general weakness in sales.

Despite this, the Zenithalle, the area where Blue Zone takes place, mostly German, Austrian and Swiss visitors were busy making orders, visiting booths and discovering some “appetizers” from the upcoming season and new additional sections of the show, new exhibitors and new products.

For the first time, Blue Zone started hosting a section for the ECO Village as part of the "organicselection" initiative already being presented for several seasons. The eco-friendly section hosted by Blue Zone offered a series of denim and casual fabrics produced according to eco-friendly standards, together with some other non-denim-related materials.

Blue Zone hosted around 65 exhibitors including ten new brands, such as Italian denim specialist, TRC Tessitura di Robecchetto Candiani, and specialized garment manufacturers, Realkom and Realteks. TRC was enthusiastic having joined the Blue Zone community. “We are glad that we are participating in the show,” commented Alberto Candiani, CEO/owner. “Our German clients who play an important role in our business had asked us more than once to exhibit at Blue Zone, but it was always bad timing for us since, for instance, we presented our fall/winter collections already in May. But now we are very happy since we were superbusy all the time and our booths were very crowded. And despite almost all of them had already visited us at Denim by PV they came to see some new developments, adjust some of their collections with new ideas or simply say hello to us. Moreover, other German brands that are not specialized in jeans, but offer them within their collections, came to see our fabrics.”

Among some of the novelties presented by exhibitors, there was a new kind of stretch denim developed by Royo and Lycra, the Elast denim, a special fabric focused on the menswear market. It can provide an elasticity of 15% and can support hard washes and finishes since it consists of both the Lycra and Lycra T-400 fibers.
Blue Zone
Blue Zone

Moreover, some companies presented also some “appetizers” for the upcoming s/s 2013 season as part of the TisT (Today is Tomorrow) initiative. For instance, Isko presented its newly developed "Sparkling Jeather", a new variant of “jeather” fabric. The leather-like stretch denim was also developed in new colored metallic hues. The Turkish denim specialist also showed a series of new colors for their 100% jegging stretch denim in a black-black and a black-to-gray variant. Denim Valley by Tejidos Royo presented the “Life after Denim” wide series of workwear-inspired fabrics used by recycling old jeans, transformed in a new fiber and re-spun with new cotton and polyester. The final result includes an indigo blue ribbed piquet, a canvas in seven different hues and a brown herringbone. Hellenic Fabrics presented a new range of stretch fabrics, a special type of stretch characterized by an elasticity of 35%, in-between their comfort stretch denim (20% elasticity) and power stretch denim (50% elasticity). This fabric guarantees skinny legs though enhanced by better technical characteristics.

The show is facing a rebirth presently considering some hard times it had to face in the past. "About two years ago we noticed that people spent less time in Blue Zone and that made me worry a lot,” comments Sebastian Klinder, organizer of Blue Zone/Munich Fabric Start. “For this reason, I decided to concentrate the show on two days and give life to new initiatives.” Season after season, he added new projects and initiatives in order to attract more visitors, let them look around and enjoy their times inside a hall that is totally different from the others. "A quiet and focused working atmosphere, services like free food and coffee, affordable prices for our spaces and fun moments are some of the extra pluses we offer". For the second time for this September edition, organizers hosted a party on Wednesday night that was inspired by Oktoberfest.