The designer showroom projektGalerie is also taking place on three days at this year's event, from January 19-21 during the Fashion Week. The Glasshouse at the HBC in Berlin-Mitte will provide the selected avant-garde, progressive streetwear and high fashion labels with a new venue. For the second time, this January there will also be fashion productions inspired by the Paris model in the Black Box Theater. For the first time, the Fotobox will provide a new platform for fashion photographers and stylists on all the days of the showroom event.

Formerly called the Showroom-Meile, the public event series founded by the Berlin Senate is now known as “Showroom Days Berlin” and offers more than 100 exhibitors from the world of fashion, art, film, photography, and design, the chance to present their projects at various exhibition places in Berlin from January 19-22.

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