For its 9th edition, Denim by Prèmiere Vision, taking place from Nov. 30 – Dec. 1, 2011, in Paris, Halle Freyssinet, will recreate an imaginary excursion into a blue planet, where denim's researchers, discoverers, scientists and magicians have set up their base camp: Ground Denim.

The event will host 81 exhibitors, 15.7% more than those who participated in the December 2010 edition. Exhibitors come from 19 countries, most of which from Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Spain.

Denim by Première Vision gathers different denim specialists such as fiber producers, weavers, manufacturing/finishing and dyeing specialists, launderers and accessory manufacturers. It counts a majority of weavers (62%), a broad representation of manufacturing/finishing (17%) companies, followed by accessory manufacturers (15%).

The show will also host some newcomers participating for the first time in Première Vision like denim manufacturers Blue Farm Textile (Hong Kong) and Compania Tecidos Santanense (Brazil). Also new faces amongst exhibitors will be Italy's Itaclab think-tank and competence center specialized in washing and dyeing, and French premium denim manufacturer Swift Denim (France). Kurabo will return to the show after having skipped some editions.

Moreover, there will be several initiatives at Denim by PV. Isko, for instance, will present "Up to denim", an exhibition organized exclusively for the show, in the Ground Denim Gallery, which brings together companies sharing the same demand for quality, research and innovation. The exhibition presents a production line incorporating the latest "sustainable" technologies that, at all stages of the process, sketch out a future shaped by cooperation and attentiveness to both man and his environment. The production line will begin with Isko and its latest developments, ISKO FUTURE FACE™, JEGGINGS™ and ISKO EARTH FIT™. Washings and treatments are developed by Itaclab, Italian finishing company closely focused on eco-friendly washing technologies. Treating machines by Tonello, leader in finishing technology, using Italian Garmon specialist's chemicals, dyes and resins, will be shown for the production of special exemplars of Dondup Jeans, Italian premium jeans brand.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Turkish denim mill Bossa will provide entry into the world of "Glowing Whispers" (see our related news). A maze-like installation, as anticipated by its name, to promise many startling surprises.

Orta Blue will be setting up a loom and a spinning wheel, providing connections and starting points for fruitful dialogue and discussions between the Turkish denim mill and its clients.

The Turkish company Calik will dress hostesses with blue outfits serving blue drinks in blue bottles, manufactured within an ecological process, echoing Calik's new eco-collection.

The VIP Lounge will celebrate the meeting of denim and Italian cuisine. Under the name "The Cores - easy edibles," a group of companies from Piceno, a city in the Marches region of Italy, coordinated by Itaclab's Fabio Adami Dalla Val. The same group will be preparing the menu at the now traditional "Happy Hour" on Wednesday evening. Everyone is welcome, so please join!
Denim by PV May 2011 'Future Vintage Debate'
Denim by PV May 2011 'Future Vintage Debate'