For the third time already, Bright will be kicking off in Berlin this summer. From July 7-9, the tradeshow for streetwear, skateboarding and sneakers will open its doors again at the former Stasi headquarters in Normannenstrasse. For the 13th edition, more than 300 brands have confirmed their participation. Thus, it marks the longest list of exhibitors that Bright ever had. Amongst the labels that will be presenting their collections for the first time, are, for instance, Bench, Rythm, Fox Racing, Skull Candy, oder Sweet Skateboards.

Moreover, the Bright chiefs, Thomas Martini und Marco Aslim, will launch a new concept: The “All Tomorrows“ concept is a platform for young designers and labels, that have stood out due to special graphics, design or individuality. In the futuristic convention hall of the former ministry for national security, selected collections present themselves on a space of 600sqm. Apart from the labels, there will be an “art area” with various artists and a broad entertainment program.

The entry hall on the first floor will be completely transformed to exhibition space; on the ground floor, according to Marco Aslim, there’s still capacity for further exhibition space in the future. Altogether, the Berlin location offers an area of 12,000sqm. “In the summer, the space is utilized by 80%,” says Aslim. “Lichtenberg makes everything possible“. The outdoor area around the building gives room for the “Bright Summer Festival” which is completely accessible for the high-end consumer. For this, half of the soccer stadium, the Hans Zoschke Arena, on a space of 3,000sqm will be used as the skate park. Moreover, for the first time there will be a market with booths for sale and marketing activities. Guerilla marketing initiatives such as the Bright letters touring all the way through Berlin, can be spotted again this summer.

Overall, the Bright chiefs are very pleased with having chosen Berlin as location. “Here, there’s always something happening,” Aslim comments. The overall feedback is much more positive than it was in Frankfurt and especially the keyword internationality gets a whole new value here. “In Berlin, the international audience makes up about 45%, in Frankfurt it was just 10-15%.“ Especially the countries Italy, France, Scandinavia and the UK are taken care of and are promoted. “For us, the communication with the European distribution is meanwhile much more important than it used to be,“ Aslim says. And for this, there are special ambassadors of the four countries now, who will serve as contact persons at the upcoming Bright edition.  The ambassadors know Bright very well and are industry insiders, such as Totti Nyberg, Global Sales Manager of the Finnish brand Makia Clothing, is for the Scandinavian market.

The step to move to Berlin, Bright has in no way regretted. Aslim: “We feel very comfortable here and will have fun here for a longer period of time.”
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