S. Oliver has announced they will collaborate with Chinese Artist Qiu Shengxian for their new Limited Art Collection.
S.Oliver Casual, QS by S.Oliver and SELECTION by S.Oliver will all present items that represent the art of Shengxian, according the segment. Accessories will complete the assortment. “We are happy that we won such a special and international artist for cooperation with our lifestyle brand”, comments Mokhtar Benbouazza, Head of Marketing at s.Oliver.
Qiu Shengxian comes from Shanghai and was born 1955 in Nancheng. Shengxian mixes traditional Chinese art with modern elements, with this he brought the so-called “Mother and Son Painting Style” to life. A preview of the collection was shown at the Real Stars event in Frankfurt last weekend where the best franchise and store partners were awarded for their successful sales last year and that was attended by several stars such as talkmaster Thomas Gottschalk, actress Veronica Ferres and singer Xavier Naidoo. The items will be sold starting August, 29 2013 throughout selected stores.