The German fashion company S.Oliver records a total sales of 1,621 Bill. Euro in 2013 (including its license business), a growth of +5.3% compared to the previous year. “2013 was a successful year for S.Oliver. We could continue not only continue the positive financial results of the past years but also push them further”, as CFO Thomas Steinhart summed up.

In the financial year of 2013, with 31 national and international store openings, S.Oliver focused on the further expansion of the retail business. Additional branches were opened in Austria, Croatia, India, as well as in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

But also the wholesale and franchise business was a field of growth for S.Oliver, with a number of 51 openings in 2013. Wholesale currently makes up for 60% of the company's turnover with own retail being the second most important sector (40%). The export rate has remained stable with 25%. In Eastern Europe and Russia sales could further increase, especially wholesale recorded more than +50% growth. Moreover, the market entry in Canada was an important strategic step of the expansion. In India, the Group closed several stores to optimize the strategy. For the upcoming year, the Middle East will be in focus for a strategic partnership.

S.Oliver was founded in 1969, in Würzburg, by Bernd Freier and records 7,500 employees worldwide. The company distributes in over 30 countries. In total, the S. Oliver Group runs 278 standalone stores, 402 stores in cooperation with partners, and is presented in 3,047 shops and 3,876 areas.