S.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & Co. KG has founded a joint venture with Marko, Maja and Sasa Arsenovic, the former only shareholders of the S.Oliver SLO d.o.o. and HR d.o.o., in order to further push expansion in the growing markets Slovenia and Croatia. With a retrospective effect to January 1, 2010, both S.Oliver and the Arsenovic family each share 50% of the companies.

Next to an already existing cooperation in India with Orient Craft Ltd., Slovenia and Croatia are further markets that are being operated by two established companies. S.Oliver had already built a base for expansion by having opened seven retail stores in these countries in 2010 which is to be continued this year.

S.Oliver SLO d.o.o. right now operates 16 retail stores, 5 franchise stores, and serves 23 wholesale clients. S.Oliver HR d.o.o. is in charge of 23 retail stores, two franchise stores and supports 29 wholesale clients. For 2011, further store openings are planned, for example in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, and in Osijek, Croatia. In addition, S.Oliver at the moment is checking locations in the centers of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka.

Next to setting the premises for a further expansion in Slovenia and Croatia, S.Oliver founded a sales subsidiary in Hungary in December of 2010. In addition, a new showroom in Hungary’s capital Budapest was established in November of 2010. Thus, Hungary is the company’s eighth core market, next to Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. “Our major aim is to expand the wholesale business in Hungary and to establish the brand as a constant in the market,” Oliver Hein, Distribution Director at S.Oliver, says.

Currently, S.Oliver has 88 POS in Hungary, in cities such as Budapest, Pécs or Zarlaegerszeg. Wholesales clients like P&C and Van Graaf already successfully offer the brand’s lines in their stores in Budapest. In addition, own flagship stores in the country’s metropolises are planned. In her position as Country Manager, Enikö Zalai is in charge of the further expansion of S.Oliver Hungary.