On October 28, Italian denim brand Roy Roger’s opened its first monobrand boutique on Via Calimala 27 Rosso in downtown Florence to commemorate its new retail development phase. The introduction of a series of flagship stores will integrate and strengthen the brand’s wholesale distribution, which already accounts for 1,200 outlets in Italy alone. Further plans include the inauguration of a showroom in Milan by January 2013, to be followed by international expansion.

Nicolò Biondi, CEO of Manifatture 7 Bell, which owns the Roy Roger’s brand, commented: “This opening marks the official debut of our retail strategy. The choice was the natural step to increasing the value of a company that is growing in product categories and developing a total look of its own. The brand image will be enhanced by its presence on the main shopping streets, creating synergies with the multibrand network. After Florence, our next destinations will be Milan and Rome, after which we will target foreign countries such as France, the UK and the US.”

The Florence store, which is spread over 120 sqm, employs the concept that will be applied to all of the brand’s new locations. The label was founded in 1949 and, as Italy’s first blue jeans brand, took a modern route in presenting their heritage with contemporary cuts and traditional elements displayed among 19th-century barrel wood. The proposal will further be enriched by capsule and cruise collections as well as by accessories like bags designed in collaboration with Filson and shoes with Cesare Baroli.

The project’s spearhead is the newly created Roy Roger’s Custom Service. Guido Biondi, Creative Director of Manifatture 7 Bell, said: “We’ve introduced the first-ever tailor-made jeans service. Now, in addition to the in-house dressmaking department, which works with original 1960 Singer sewing machines, the custom-made jeans service will be available to customers in every store. Orders will be delivered to clients in a vintage Rolls-Royce after they’ve selected the fabric, color, rivets and buttons of their personalized pair of jeans.”