Romano, the Italian jeanswear manufacturer and owner of the Meltin'Pot brand, is one among many denim and fashion specialists struggling with the ongoing economic crisis. Based near Lecce in Southern Italy, the company is presently negotiating the renewal of its redundancy fund payments for about 180 of its 300 employees. The procedure began in 2009 and, instead of overhauling the situation for every worker at once, has taken gradual steps.

Augusto Romano, president and owner of Romano, commented: “This is not an easy moment and we hope that the changes we are now implementing - for instance, the hiring of Durante - read more here on Sportswear International - and the new projects we will present in Florence in January – will help us recover from the present situation. Our aim is to focus on a relaunch for 2014, when we finally expect to make a significant recovery.”

He continued: “The company lives on because we produce garments for other businesses and thanks to Meltin'Pot, which has been balancing the losses on our manufacturing side." Currently, the production of jeans and garments for third-party companies has continued despite the ability to manufacture only limited quantities and is aimed at luxury denim brands sold at very high price points. Romano will close 2012 with a €41 million turnover, compared with last year’s registered €44 million while this year’s Meltin’Pot sales amounted to €33 million, with €35 million in 2011.