Starting next season, Copenhagen-based fashion trade show Revolver is uniting all its exhibitors in one spot.
The show that was born as a brainchild of Jan Carlsen, former CEO of CPH Vision and Christian Maibom, formerly one of the organizers behind the Gallery trade show, celebrated its debut in February as a two-venue event: Revolver Meatpacking District at Øksnehallen and Revolver Fishmarket at Lokomotivvaerkstedet.
As the show at the first location was way more successful than the latter one, Revolver is now focusing all its activities in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking area in the city center.
Here, creative director Christian Maibom wants to build a “Revolver Village”, made up of a total of four exhibition spaces, all centered around the Øksnehallen building.

“We have to face the fact that time is today the most valuable resource. For this reason we need to be even more precise both in terms of content and constellation. Thereby we make it as easy and less time-consuming for the buyers to navigate and do their business”, said Maibom.

In addition to the trade show, Revolver will also introduce “Revolver Showrooms”, an initiative where brands, distributors and agents can rent separate, fully equipped showrooms to show their collections in context of the show.

“As a result, all our exhibitors benefit from the fact that the buyers now only have to visit one trade show in one location in the very centre of the city, in order to place their orders […]”, Maibom explained.

The next edition of Revolver will take place from August 5-7, 2015.