Fashion Label Review has developed the Urban Karaoke App. Review’s design team, Laura Rosati and Tewe Maas, were inspired by Cooper Williams talking about his hobby in L.A. and decided to develop an app together. Urban Karaoke is when people pre-record, via smartphone, a video of their lips singing a song, then hold it in front of their mouth to re-perform the song. The Urban Karaoke App is the first of its kind since it uses real-time sensors that imitate mouth movement, so it sings as you sing, real-time. Included are 16 different mouths that respond to noise, lyrics and singing.
The app was released 1 October and is available for free for iOS at the App store and for Android at Google Play.
In addition to the creation function there is also the new campaign song “Boom Boom Wow!” which was shot with Cooper Williams as testimonial.