Selvedge Run has closed its first edition held from 8 to 10 July, 2015 at the Reinbeckhalle, Berlin.

The event’s atmosphere was cool, friendly, relaxed and in-keeping with its own inspiring philosophy. Disappointing to some exhibitors was the low attendance of the event due to its hard-to-reach location, too diluted frequency of the shuttle bus service and significant distance from other major shows. Such problems might be overcome for the January 2016 edition when the show will move to a new venue closer to the city center, the Kulturbrauerei in Schönhauser Allee 36, in Berlin Mitte.

Despite this, the place and the environment were highly interesting and inspiring. The about 1,200 sq. meter industrial building, based in a green and peaceful location near the river Spree, hosted over 55 brands of authentic men’s apparel, selvedge jeans, footwear and accessories, all selected according to the event’s concept. The participating brands were united by their craftsmanship and slow production rhythms (as opposed to fast-fashion ones), preferably local manufacturing and strong usage of natural raw materials such as cotton, wool and cuir.

Livid Jeans
Livid Jeans

All products exhibited focus on great product detail and came mainly from the US, Japan or Scandinavia. In addition to most popular denim specialists such as Edwin, Nudie, Indigofera, Nezumi and Pure Blue Japan, there was also Iron Heart, a US denim brand offering 21oz. jeans only made with top quality Japanese denim. Studio D’Artisan is a denim brand from Osaka and one of the first ones to use natural indigo dyed selvedge denim combined with traditional manufacturing techniques. A sister brand of Studio D’Artisan is Orgueil, offering traditional though state of the art tailoring from the 19th and early 20th century, inspired by American workwear. Momotaro, also from Osaka, as well as Japan Blue (part of the same group) are entirely produced in-house – including denim manufactured by their own company’s Rampuya dyeing plant. Norwegian label Livid Jeans represented Scandinavian denim offerers.

Indigo People
Indigo People
Nudie launched a series of deep washed indigo denims and marbled broken-in black ride pants together with heavy-worn, hand repaired models from the ‘70s.
Among accessories on offer was Indigo People, a Dutch brand with indigo woven accessories such as scarves and ties made with cotton and linen, but also for the first time offering indigo-dyed silk accessories. Big players like Wolverine 1000 Mile and Stetson were joined by jewelry of Eins Berlin and eyewear by Victory Optical, as well as leather boots by The Bootery.

The fabric: Raw denim for pants, vests and jackets, only alternative: duck brown canvas

The must-have bottom: Antifit selvedge denims

Must have top: Checked shirts and tailormade jackets

Must-have accessory: Beards