Uniting sustainability trade shows Green Showroom and Ethical Fashion Show definitely turned out to be a smart move. Especially when looking at the numbers of exhibitors, which increased by 30% in comparison to last year’s show, and the frequent number of visitors. “Through the fusion we are no longer a niche trade show, but rather a platform for international brands that specialize on sustainable fashion,” comments Carina Bischof of the Ethical Fashion Show.

Printed sweatshirt at L'Herbe Rouge
Printed sweatshirt at L'Herbe Rouge
The sustainability trade show exhibited a mix of well-established brands, such as People Tree and Lanius, and upcoming brands like Scandinavian brand Nurmi and German brand AEP (backpacks). Most labels decided to put the focus on the fashion aspect, rather than actively promoting the sustainability factor. An aspect that attracted a new audience that was possibly reluctant to visit the fair in the previous years. And while the majority of exhibitors came from Germany, visitors arrived from all over the world, including Japan, Scandinavia, USA, Switzerland and Spain. A highlight that attracted a great number of spectators was the Salonshow, a fashion show that provided a stage for brands like Deepmelloa and Sey Organic Jeans. Overall, this has been the most successful event for the trade show duo so far.

Highlight labels:
- Nurmi: The Scandinavian brand uses 100% recycled cotton for their garments while keeping its clothes cool and casual. They recently added denim motor jackets to their collection and are working on black denim pants.
- Reet Aus: Their strength: Upcycling. All their garments are made from leftover materials, without producing any new fabric. At the same time, Reet Aus cooperates with Bangladesh garment manufacturer Beximco to safe jobs and to integrate upcycling into their mass production system. The collection features denim pants, as well as jersey shirts.
- OC Outfitters of Change: Great sportswear inspired collection that range between casual but also business-like items. OC Outfitters uses organic cotton and lets the customers retrace the production of their garment on their website, by entering the number code on the label.

Denim trends: Selvedge denim, dark blue hues for pants and jackets, recycled cotton material

Alpaca coat at Lanius
Alpaca coat at Lanius
Fashion trends spotted at Green Showroom/ Ethical Fashion Show
- Knitwear in all variations (chunky knit, printed knit etc.)
- Mid-calf length coats made from alpaca
- Gray as the main color for the FW 15/16 season
- Quilted fabrics for bomber jackets and sweatshirts and ribbed material for sweatshirts

Nicest booth:
Nurmi – Though every booth was kept in white and mostly equipped with the same amount of clothes racks, each brand was able to decorate their booth individually. Nurmi, even though one of the smaller labels, presented a clean, polished layout that displayed the products of the Scandinavian brand perfectly.

Best statement:
Renate Künast (German politician), when asked why she likes sustainable clothes/accessories: “If you eat organic (food), you should wear eco (clothes)!”