On Thursday, August 30, Inditex brand Bershka opened its third German store in the city center of Frankfurt/Main. On 1.200 sqm and three floors, the young brand now also sells its fast fashion for teens and twens in Frankfurt. Before the official door opening at 5 pm, the line in front of the store which is located in the famous MyZeil shopping center, didn’t want to end. Around 2,000 people tried to get in to see which trend pieces the brand would offer.
Bershka styling
Bershka styling

The first floor is reserved for the young ladies. White walls and pure furniture don’t prescind from the collections that are divided in different lines with names like: Old School, Rebelius, Wine Savage, Red Savage or Black and White.
Under the name BSK and surrounded by light grey walls, the second floor targets girls starting from 13 years. The BSK lines are called: Blue & Green, Military, Sweet Winter, Wild City and West Life.
Young men will find their styles on the third floor which is painted all black. Collections are called Neo Dandy, Urban Hunter, Walking in the Dark and Workmen.

Prices range from € 9,99 for tops or T-shirts up to €119 for leather jackets.

„The concept is to show total looks on shop mannequins and through the way we arrange the garments in the modules, because our staff doesn’t have the time to advise every customer“, explains Melina Slootman, Bershka’s Area Merchandiser Netherlands.

Next to trend pieces for day and night such as laced dresses, biker jackets, union jack T-shirts, camo parkas and super high wedges, denim is a very important segment for Bershka. Slootman says: „Bestsellers are still the super stretchy skinny fits in different colors. But also baggy and tapered fits are popular. Young men love rough worker looks consisting of jeans, denim jackets and vests with a vintage touch.“

And what about the expansion plans?
„It’s definitely planned to open more stores in Germany and europewide. But the locations have to be perfect. Like this one in Frankfurt.“

Founded in 1998, Bershka is the youngest brand of the Spanish Inditex Group and behind Zara the second most successful one. Bershka counts 800 shops in 60 countries.

Line in front of the store
Line in front of the store