Tokyo has a new store attraction: In March The Park・Ing Ginza opened its doors. One face behind the concept store is Ryo Ishikawa, also known as founder of Japanese brand Vanquish (check our upcoming issue #274/24 June for an interview with Ishikawa) that had gained huge popularity among the hip youngsters with its first “Sex is Heaven” collection.

In cooperation with his good friend and streetwear legend Hiroshi Fujiwara, he introduced his famed line Denim by Vanquish & Fragment in 2011. Ishikawa totally trusts in the concept store idea: "Usually concept stores offer stuff that can`t be found on the Internet, so people have to shop in store. In future, the majority of the consumers will shop on the Internet, which makes it harder for retail stores to attract consumers and make business. So, concept stores are getting more and more important and are innovative in-store experiences."

The store for menswear, womenswear and streetwear carries brands such as Off-White, RetaW, Poggy`s, Box, Denim by Vanquish & Fragment, Nike, Raregem, Descendantand and Oakley on a total space of 776 sq. meters.