Caused by the increasing impact of social media and the resulting strong desire for constant newness and fast fashion, the so-called “see now, buy now” consumer appears on the scene to test the fashion industry’s traditional six-month-preview seasonal pattern. This is underlined by a recent survey carried out by, the well-known online marketplace for reselling designer fashion, who analyzed the shopping behavior of their 5 million European & US customers: According to their results, an overall 70% of fashion is actually purchased in season.

The statistic shows that the majority of consumers will purchase a Spring/Summer product from March to August, peaking in May-July at 41%; the Fall/Winter sales paint a similar picture. Overall the fashion consumers get their winter clothing from September through to February. The strongest peak for winter sales takes place during November and December when 30% of product is sold.

Gucci Loafer
Photo: Gucci
Gucci Loafer

The only products not seeming to follow this seasonal scheme are identified as “must have pieces”, such as the Gucci Loafers, a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag or the Miu Miu ruffle blouse, appearing on the page and being sold out within 24 hours.’s survey definitely fits to the “see now, buy now” consumer theory but it is not proven that the trend of fast fashion will remain or even increase within the next couple of years. Nevertheless some companies such as Burberry or Tom Ford have already started a trans-seasonal fashion show model which will be on trial for now and it will be interesting to see, whether other designers will follow or not.

Different country, different shopping

The survey has also brought up some fun facts about the participating countries’ varied shopping behaviors. US fashionistas are most organized when it comes to buying sunglasses: 28% of them already purchase them in November and December. Scandinavian women like to have their summer wardrobes ready early and buy most of their summer pieces in March. Their favorite summer item by the way is the Comme des Garcons striped Breton top. Spanish ladies like their bikinis to be Gucci and Italian girls spend their summer in the Chanel espadrille – at least the ones shopping at Vestiariecollective.