From 16 to 19 April, Lodz –third biggest city in Poland with a past linked to the textile industry during the 19th and part of the 20th century- became the country's epicenter of fashion thanks to the celebration of the 12th edition of Fashion Week Poland.
Dawid Tomaszewski FW15
Dawid Tomaszewski FW15
Taking place at the Wytwórnia/Toya Studios, the event has established itself as a key platform in the Polish fashion designers scene, serving as a springboard for gaining awareness. Almost half of the runway shows were free for the designers featured, who had to go through a harsh selection process with their collections in order to be selected for one of this free slots. Therefore, it is the only opportunity for new designers with no budget to present their work to the industry.

Poland Fashion Week hosted more than 30 shows within a four-days schedule, split between two runways: Studio, where the aspiring national promises showcased their collections, and Designer Avenue, which welcomed some of the established names such as the Gdansk-born designer Dawid Tomaszewski, who has also been showing his collections at Berlin’s Fashion Week for five years. His homonymous brand is mostly stocked in Germany. Tomaszewski was awarded during the opening gala last Thursday with a Golden Flamingo award, Poland’s Fashion Week prize for outstanding talents.

In spite of a fashion sense that is still on the rise to break through to a biggest part of the society, Poland’s Fashion Week had quite a few good surprises to offer. On Thursday evening, the presentation of Odio/Jakub Pieczarkowski left many attendees speechless with a collection characterized by a wise mixture of materials like wool, fur, laser cut and velvet together with holographic detailing. The show’s concept allowed the audience to mix between the models and take a closer gaze at the clothes, resulting in expected chaos when it came to take a proper picture! Pieczarkowski’s bold fashion is the one that you might see on the fashion weeks in London or New York. Most of showcased designers exhibited ready-to-wear collections with a trend-conscious approach and in accordance with the current market dictates for fall/winter 2015. Here’s a summary of the main trends:

Knitwear from head to toe
Spotted in almost every single collection, the best results were achieved by Berenika Czarnota, with voluminous jackets and extra-large sleeves as well as the previously-mentioned collection of Odio/Jakub Pieczarkowski.

Fur was king
Especially in womenswear. All color variations and different possibilities: from the classic fur jacket to just detailing in form of coat collars, sleeves or trims. Even heels were coated with fur.

The bigger, the better
Wide silhouettes dominated the majority of the designer’s offering. Jumpers, sweaters, pants…

Sporty touches
The brand Kopi created outfits like pleated silk skirts or suit pants combined with neoprene sweatshirts or extra-large terry-cloth jumpers and white sneakers. Lukasz Jemiol introduced its basic line where sweatpants and hoodies were also key pieces.

Layer looks and long line cuts
The best example of this trend was the men’s label Piotr Drzal.

Black leather
The evergreen is still going strong.

Menswear styles at Piotr Drzal
Menswear styles at Piotr Drzal