Despite the economic crisis in its home country, Italian denim brand Replay is facing the upcoming fiscal year with a positive outlook. Matteo Sinigaglia, CEO of Replay-owner Fashion Box Spa, stated: “We have a difficult situation in Southern Europe, but we’re performing well in the North and we’re doing very well in Asia, especially in China and Japan as well as in Russia and the Middle East.”

These markets are also in focus when it comes to the brand’s upcoming store openings. According to Sinigaglia, the eight current Replay stores in Russia will soon amount to 25 while the company’s six stores in Mid-Asia will also increase to a two-digit number in the near future. A shop within the Dubai Mall will most likely open by the end of this year. In China, Replay runs around 60 stores and recently opened eight more shops in a row. Sinigaglia, who lived in Hong Kong for a long time as head of the Sugi footwear company (which then gained the licence to produce Replay shoes), has stressed the importance of carrying out all activities within China without external partners.

Inside Replay's concept store in Cologne
Inside Replay's concept store in Cologne
As for Europe, three more Replay stores are planned to open in Tuscany while several German locations prepare to undergo renovations based on the brand’s Cologne concept store. The CEO has also announced the possibility of a new flagship opening in Antwerp and mentioned the company’s interest in South America – they seem close to finalizing a deal in Brazil.

The launch of Replay’s new interactive Social Denim, which was first supposed to take place before the end of the year, will be delayed until the beginning of 2013. According to the company, the reason behind the postponement was driven by the need to implement the very latest technology possible. The brand is already in the midst of research for further innovations in the field of “technology in fashion,” but no set projects have been announced as of yet.

The brand’s fall 2013 collection will be led by the concept “Urban Fusion,” containing strong outdoor and biking influences and a focus on treated leather. In terms of denim cuts, Replay believes in the narrow fit, with a focus on tight cuts (not to be confused with skinny) for the upcoming winter season. The denim brand will also come up with a new range of finishes and washes, including a novel “leather print.”

Sinigaglia expects to close the year with similar turnover numbers as 2011. He explained: “For us, the most important point is to keep our position in the market. I expect considerable growth for 2013 as we are experiencing a very positive sell-out, especially with our denim category. I think the economic situation will still be tight next year, but I believe that the product will make all the difference.”