“It’s amazing how many collabs there are out there and how many sneaker stores have one to six a year coming out,” says Susan Boyle, owner of the New York-based specialty multibrand streetwear boutique Rime. “If you look most are guys’ sneakers and on a rare occasion they do come in small sizes for women,” she continues. “I have been advocating for more womens’ collabs to be done for women by women and finally after two years and with some great help from some great women at Reebok I managed to get one.”

Boyle is the first participant in Reebok’s newly launched series, called She Certified, which allows non-designer women who are influential store owners and/or footwear influencers to create special edition kicks for fellow females. Boyle’s design, the series’ debut model, launched exclusively at Rime’s Brooklyn store on Thursday night and is called the “Diamond” Ventilator.

Susan Boyle for Reebok’s newly launched series, called She Certified
Susan Boyle for Reebok’s newly launched series, called She Certified
Much like Lorelei Lee, Boyle used the world’s hardest substance as her design inspiration/best friends to conceive the shoes’ design. “Diamonds! Brilliant, vibrant, glamorous, classic, bling, money, status….” she explains. “Who doesn't love a rock? My idea came when my diamond fell out of my engagement ring setting in a crowded parking lot. I panicked and searched frantically looking for it. Suddenly a shiny, sparkling reflection of rainbow glistened from a small patch of concrete. That's when it hit me I wanted a diamonds on my feet: a glamorous, sparking sneaker that would glisten in the sun, refract the colors of the rainbow and glow within three miles and float among the streets.” “I also wanted a sneaker that would reflect her and shine in the way that she does,” she adds about the She Certified customer.

Retailing for $130, the shoes will be a Rime exclusive until July 2, 2015. Afterward, they will also be sold at other retailers such as Nordstrom.com, Ubiq and Packers Shoes.
Boyle has also been invited to be a speaker at the “Soul Sister Revolution” panel, which will focus on women’s sneakers, at The Brooklyn Museum on July 16. The discussion is part of the museum’s eagerly awaited exhibition “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” which opens to the public on July 10 and runs through October 4, 2015.