In deference to Gianfranco Ferré’s impenetrable passion for fur, the 2008 edition of the international fur and leather exhibition Mifur will pay tribute to one of the leading lights of Italian style, a great craftsmen who knew how to bring out the best in this controversial material.

The catwalk will be graced with three Gianfranco Ferré fur pieces at the end of the RockFourrure fashion show-event organised by Mifur and Kopenhagen Fur on Wednesday, 12 March at the Milan City Fair. The pieces will be “fur only”, or fur combined with other materials, as a testament to how the material stimulated Ferré's imagination and gave life to his unique designs.

The three pieces form part of a series of collections representing different fashion eras, and bear witness to Ferré’s enduring passion for fur and innovation. It also highlights the twenty-year collaboration he had with Mondialpelli, the company that would translate Gianfranco Ferré’s "dream in fur" into reality.

Photo: Gianfranco Ferré’s couture fur coat from the season 1988/89