At this year's Bread & Butter, Rocawear unveiled a fall/winter 2012-13 collection with a European take on New York City street style, mixing varsity and denim influences with casual wear. Aiming for the 18-30 year old market, the brand has combined its music heritage and underground streetwear appeal with a fitted look to gain more relevance in Europe.

Iconix Europe is bringing the $800,000,000 brand, founded in 1999 by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, to the European market. For the styling of its fall/winter 2012-13 look book, Rocawear collaborated with British street magician Dynamo, who has been gaining popularity through performances with Tinie Tempeh, Rio Ferdinand, Snoop Dogg, Will Smith and Jay-Z himself.

Much planning has gone into Rocawear's European presence, including a retail strategy that offers surround product presence, in-store support and cooperative retail communication through a range of independent stores and shop-in-shops. Goods will also be available online and in catalogues, making sure all possible target consumers are reached.

Daisy Laramy-Binks, Head of Marketing of Iconix Europe commented, “Iconix Europe is delighted to be launching Rocawear into Europe, merging the best celebrity and music heritage elements of the brand with key on-trend European fashion influences. We feel confident in the brand's ability to localise whilst retaining its core DNA, catering for the existing international fan base yet also reaching out to new consumers via the cleaner, fitted style direction.”