Fashion Box, the Italian company which owns Replay, We Are Replay and Replay & Sons (, has signed a new joint venture with Sugi International, the Hong Kong company that has produced the Replay footwear collections since 1999.

The deal has resulted in a new company entitled Orient Box, which is majority-owned by Fashion Box and aims to further develop the footwear market segment.

“The Replay footwear line plays an important role in our product’s offer and company business. In recent years this segment registered double digit figure increase and an about 80 million US Dollars turnover in 2007,” explained Marco Bortoletti, CEO, Fashion Box. “The birth of Orient Box has two aims for us: on the one side we want to strengthen our tie with a partner that has been working enthusiastically and passionately with us for the last nine years. On the other side we can have a more direct control over such a strategic business unit.”

Sugi International, born in 1991, is one of most important power-houses in footwear manufacturing in the Far East. They sell about 18 million pairs of shoes to 45 countries, including private labels, own brands and, under an exclusive licensing agreement, the Replay and Replay & Sons footwear collections.