Paola Damietto Buziol, widow of Claudio, the founder of Replay, was awarded on Friday the prize of “Enlightened Entrepreneur” by Fondaco, the Venetian organization associated with the restoration of Venice’s historical sites and cultural affairs.

Accordingly, Fashion Box, the company behind Replay, Replay & Sons and We Are Replay, is supporting the restoration of the stone facade of Ca’ Rezzonico, the prestigious palace and museum founded in 1700.

The company is already restoring the medieval Abbey of San Gregorio, which it purchased in 2005. The 18-month restoration is said to require complex work and significant investment (the price for restoring a site in Venice is about €3,000 per sq. meter).

Proof of Fashion Box’s affinity for history is also evident with the Claudio Buziol Foundation, currently located in the historical palace of Mangili-Valmarana.

Fashion Box, the city of Venice and its Museum Foundation plan to jointly promote a series of cultural and PR programs in the next year.

Says Buziol: “We are proud to receive this prize. This is recognition for a project we have always felt alive in our hearts. In fact, our love for Venice’s art and city are values deeply rooted in our family, a passion we have been cultivating ever since and that we also transferred to our company.”