Replay is making its debut in the Apple world with the launch of a Replay branded iPhone App, the result of a collaboration with the English music phenomenon RjDj, whose music philosophy is close to Replay's own heritage of re-making, re-creating and re-elaborating.

The innovative Replay iPhone App elevates music into the new genre of reactive music, which samples and replays sounds surrounding the listener in real time affected by its activities and by the environment, taking advantage of the iPhone’s technical potential.

Accordingly, the artists Kids on DSP have created two new RjDj reactive songs, "Replay Atlantis" and "Replay Speedometer," which not only play in the Replay iPhone App but also in the Rj Voyager iPad application. “Replay in Atlantis” takes listeners on a dive into Atlantis, a wonderful underwater world. Noises and sounds of the environment are transformed in real time into underwater sounds, where floating harmonies combine with deep bass lines to create an unparalleled real time acoustic sensation.

“Replay Speedometer,” on the other hand, accelerates listeners’ worlds, moving people into the cockpit of a spaceship at light speed. The environment plays real time doppler effects, time-bending sample playbacks, and real time granular synthesized sound fragments with the nervous sounds of speed at a 180-mph timeline of drum and bass.

The Replay iPhone App transforms the world in real time into personal sound tracks, so scenes never sound the same way twice! Beginning June 16, the Replay app will be free to for 90s days from the Apple app store. The Replay application will also be exclusively presented in June at Sónar, the international advanced music and multimedia art festival held in Barcelona from June 17-19. The event, considered one of the most influential in electronic music, will host a Replay corner offering Wi-Fi for users to download the brand’s app.