Just in time to correspond with the release of his third album “Curtis”, US-Rapper 50 Cent is continuing his relationship with Reebok (rbk.com) – which was established in 2005 – with the latest offering of a new limited-edition shoe style under the G-Unit name. The shoe, named “Trilla”, is inspired by bulletproof jackets and the tire tread of the Hummer car, resulting in a typically aggressive style from the self-confessed hard man of hip-hop.

To mark the occasion, 1st October will see a step-up in promotional activity, with several video-websites like youtube.com and myvideo.de presenting the official Trilla-Video, and hook-ups with the lottery game, as seen in Germany.

In December of this year, Reebok will launch another limited shoe model, designed with the inspiration of 50 Cent’s recent tour in mind.